Concrete Fence Posts & Gravelboards

A&P Fencing supply a variety of wet-cast concrete fencing products including slotted concrete posts and gravelboards. Concrete fence posts are an ideal long term solution as they are maintenance free and will often outlive their timber alternative. Adding a concrete gravelboard beneath any fence panel is a simple way to keep it off the ground and therefore away from damp, prolong its life.

We have a range of concrete fence posts, all listed below, available for fast delivery from our West Midlands depots to popular locations including Birmingham, Sutton Coldfield, Great Barr, Tamworth, Lichfield and more.


Concrete Fence Posts


Slotted Concrete PostSlotted Concrete PostSlotted Concrete Post
Concrete Corner PostConcrete Corner PostConcrete Corner Post
Concrete End Fence PostConcrete End Fence PostConcrete End Fence Post


Recessed Concrete PostRecessed Concrete PostRecessed Concrete Post
Godfather Support PostGodfather Support PostGodfather Support Post
Coachscrews and BoltsCoachscrews and BoltsCoachscrews and Bolts




Our concrete gravelboards are high quality and allow you to prolong the life of your fence panels by keeping damp away from them. Check out our full range listed below.

Rockfaced GravelboardRockfaced GravelboardRockfaced Gravelboard
Plainfaced GravelboardPlainfaced GravelboardPlainfaced Gravelboard
6 foot plain Gravelboard6 foot plain Gravelboard6 foot plain Gravelboard


Bow GravelboardBow GravelboardBow Gravelboard
Double-sided GravelboardDouble-sided GravelboardDouble-sided Gravelboard