Regular Garden Sleeper (2.4m x 200mm x 100mm)

£27.00 Price is inclusive of VAT


Pressure treated new softwood sleepers are ideal for a variety of landscaping projects, including retaining walls, edging and raised beds.


Our sleepers are available in pressure treated brown and also pressure treated green.



Product Description

If you're looking to create a raised surface or base for a DIY project, our quality sleepers will provide you with the strong, sturdy base you need. And since you can adjust and decorate them yourself, they are a great choice for both modern homes and rustic ones.

In order to provide a fairly smooth surface, these sleepers have been saw-blade cut to size – as opposed to a chainsaw which would have left a rough, uneven surface. However, you can polish it with sandpaper for a more even surface.

The wood from which these sleepers were made is of the highest quality. Together with the pressure-treatment that they receive, these sleepers are not only sturdy enough to handle a lot of weight – but also protected from bacteria and insects (such as termites) from sneaking in. This way, the longevity of the sleepers will not be compromised.

Our timber sleepers have received a non-toxic water-based treatment that will protect the wood. Furthermore, you can easily paint these sleepers into the colours that you want.

These sleepers can be used for both indoor and outdoor use and thanks to their treatment, water will not easily get into the surface. However, because of the nature of wood, we recommend adding further protection such as a varnish or laminate coat for outdoor use.