6′ Capping Rails

£2.00 Price is inclusive of VAT

A 6′ Capping rail is the perfect replacement for an rotten or broken capping rail on your existing fence panels.



Product Description

The biggest threat to regular fence panels is any potential damage that can be caused by the rain – particularly when the top has no cover. And once rain goes through the margins of the wood panel – its most sensitive area – it can expose the panel to potential rot and core damage.

With a capping rail, however, you cover that exact area that needs extra protection. By placing it at the top of your existing fence panels, it will keep the water away and allow your fence to resist for a much longer time.

The triangular tip of the rail also ensures proper dispersion of the water. This way, the water won’t stick to the top of the rail. Instead, it will fall to the ground right away – allowing the rail to dry up properly.

At 6 inches, it will fit perfectly with every 6-inch wood panel. However, if you position it properly, the place where the two rails meet won’t even be visible. You can also cut them to your desired length if the rail is too long or goes over the corner.

The trail itself is a pentagon – which means it’s very nice to look at. Plus, considering that it has received a special water-based coating, not only is it more resistant to rot – but you can also paint it yourself. Compared to other rails that have been laminated, this will allow the paint to stick to the surface.