Pressure-Treated 6ft Lath

£1.50 Price is inclusive of VAT

A new 6′ Lath is the solution when your old lath has gone mouldy or has broken.



Product Description

When you are building a fence, a roof – or practically anything – you can’t really work without a lath. This allows you to create a frame for your desired construction – offering it shape and stability.

This 6-inch lath is a good option if you want to build something new or replace an old lath that has lost its shape.

This lath is a good solution. Having been pressure-treated, it won’t be easy for mould to get into its surface. Plus, considering that it was also dipped in a protective water-based treatment, it will be even more resistant to the moods of the weather.

The lath itself is not easy to break – but if you have a good saw, you can easily cut it to the preferred dimensions (for example, if the corner part needs to be cut a bit shorter). The wood is well-pressed, meaning that it will not break down under the saw.

Since it only received the water-based treatment, this lath can be painted or given a laminate protective coat.