Feather Edge Bow Panel 6x6

Bow Featheredge Fence Panel: 6′ wide x 6′ high


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Our 6′ x 6′ bow featheredge panels are manufactured using of 4 – 6′ x 45mm x 32mm rails, 18-1.8m’ featheredge boards, a 6″ bow and finally dipped in our waterbased treatment. The panel itself is 6ft at the highest point and 5ft6″ at the lowest point of the bow.

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Product Description

Our bow heavy duty featheredge panels are an impressive look for your garden. This panel is made up of 18 – 5″ featheredge boards, 4 – 45mm x 32mm backing rails and is finished with a smooth bow.

Privacy is something every homeowner wants to add to their garden to one degree or another. If you want to ensure that nobody can see into your garden, adding a fence panel is an ideal way to add more security to your property. 

If you’re looking for something a bit different the traditional, rectangle fence design, our bow fence panels could be the ideal solution for you.

Featuring a bow design, this panel has the top part slightly curved, in a way that it resembles a crescent moon. It has a smooth and sleek look, making it perfect for a modern home. Plus, considering that it’s made from featheredge panel, it’s also suitable for traditional homes. The panel in itself is fairly lightweight – but the pressure-treatment that the wood has received makes it a very sturdy choice.

The backing rails hold the panels sturdily in their place, ensuring that they won’t come apart – even after years of use. Furthermore, provided that you place the panels correctly, they won’t break down that easily. It would take a great impact to break this fence. So, when it comes to things such as strong winds, floods, or hail storms, this panel is made to last.

As for its coating, this bow featheredge panel has been dipped in a special water-based solution meant to increase its durability. This way, it will not lose its colour throughout time – and it will not be threatened by things such as environmental exposure or rot.

*6ft to top of panel with 6in bow