Dome Featheredge Fence Panel: 6′ wide x 6′ high


Our 6′ x 6′ dome featheredge panels are manufactured using of 4 – 6′ x 45mm x 32mm rails, 18-1.8m’ featheredge boards, a 6″ dome and finally dipped in our waterbased treatment. The panel itself is 6ft at the highest point of the dome.

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Product Description

Our domed heavy duty featheredge panels are an impressive look for your garden. This panel is made up of 18 – 5″ featheredge boards, 4 – 45mm x 32mm backing rails and is finished with a smooth top.

When you live in a house with a garden, privacy is never easily attained unless you get a good fence. The picket fence generally is great to create a border, but if you’re looking for a more secure fence, a taller panel will be better suited.

This dome featheredge panel, however, was made to not only offer privacy – but to look stylish at the same time. Each panel has the top slightly curved upward, giving the whole fence a wavy look that is aesthetically pleasing to look at. You can either build a full-blown fence – or you can go for creating a “boxed area” for parts of your property that you want to surround.

The material from which it was made may be featheredge – but there’s nothing soft about it – other than the part that it’s lightweight. Considering that they were pressure-treated, the panels themselves are very sturdy and resistant to the moods of the weather. As a result, you don’t have to worry that they will be damaged anytime soon.

The panels have also been made to resist through the passing of time. Since they were dipped in a water-based treatment, they won’t fall prey as easily to rot or discolouration. Plus, the backing rails also received a smooth finish – which is why these panels are so resistant to environmental factors. The panels are sturdy enough to withstand a hailstorm but are also sleek enough to look impressive around your home or garden.

*6ft to top of panel with 6in dome