Featheredge Fence Panel (6′ Wide x 5′ High)

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Our 6ft x 5ft (1.83m x 1.52m) featheredge panels are manufactured using of 4 x 6′ x 45mm x 32mm rails, 18 x 125mm x 1500mm featheredge boards, a bevelled capping rail and finally dipped in our waterbased treatment.

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Product Description

Our featheredge 6ft wide x 5ft high fence panels present an aesthetically pleasing look for your garden together with excellent strength. They are made up of 18 x 125mm x 1500mm wide featheredge boards, 45mm x 32mm backing rails and are also finished with a bevelled capping rail. They are finally treated in a water-based treatment to ensure long lasting quality.

When it comes to your garden, we all have some things that we might want to hide from other people. Whether it's because you want to add more privacy in general, want to ensure your shed or summerhouse is concealed, or maybe you're just looking to add a different border, a featheredge panel will be a great solution for you. 

These panels feature an aesthetically pleasing design that will conceal everything you might want to hide – while not attracting too much attention to it. The design is simple enough so that it can blend with everything you might have in your garden.

Made from featheredge boards, these panels are more lightweight than your average wood panels. At the same time, they are sturdy enough to handle difficult weather and high winds.

Their strength is also increased with a water-based treatment that we apply to the panels before deliver them to you. This will help prevent the decay of the fencing through time, making it more resistant to rain and mould.

The backing rail holding the featheredge boards is also very sturdy. With each rail measuring 45mm x 32mm, it is slim enough to not add too much extra weight – but thick enough to ensure it won’t bend. Furthermore, its construction will provide a fair amount of stability to the panel. Provided you install it right, on a straight surface, it should not be brought down by the wind.

You can find this product in various sizes and heights, depending on what you're looking for.