Green Pressure Treated Featheredge 6x5 Fence Panel

Tanalised Featheredge Fence Panel (6′ Wide x 5′ High)


Our 6ft x 5ft (1.83m x 1.52m) tanalised featheredge panels are manufactured using of 4 x 6′ x 45mm x 32mm rails, 18 x 1.52m tanalised featheredge boards, and a bevelled capping rail.

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Product Description

Our 6ft wide x 5ft high tanalised featheredge fence panels present an aesthetically pleasing look for your garden together with excellent strength. They are made up of 18 x 5″ tanalised featheredge boards, 4 x 45mm x 32mm backing rails and are also finished with a bevelled capping rail. They are pressure treated green to ensure long lasting quality.

Privacy is something to be treasured at all times. No matter if you want to hide your entire garden or just a few aspects from it, you have to invest in a good-quality panel or fence – one that won’t break down with the first rain.

Tanalised wood has become a fairly popular choice among users, mainly due to its durability. As opposed to most wood types that have only been treated to the surface, this one received much deeper treatment. With tanalised wood, the panel has been pressurised so much that it will not succumb as easily anymore to the pressure of time.

These featheredge fence panels, in particular, are made from this type of wood, meant to resist rot and the effects of time. This way, even if the panel itself is feather slim, it is also resistant to abuse and will not go down with the first hail storm.

The backing rails are finished off with bevelled capping rail, also ensuring their durability. If you install them correctly, there should be no problems with the panels standing up. Plus, since the panels come in smaller bits, you can use them to comprise a bigger fence – or make a smaller box around an item that you want to hide.

Thanks to its treatment, the colour of this panel is also aesthetically pleasing to look at. It’s slightly darker than regular featheredge panel – but this is only because of the pressure treatment. The density of the wood is thicker – which means the colour is also darker.