Tanalised Pressure Treated Waney 6x6 Fence Panel

Tanalised Waneyedge Fence Panel (6′ Wide x 6′ High)


This tanalised 6ft x 6ft (1.83m x 1.83m) panel is designed to give your garden long-lasting style and security. It’s pressure treated and tanalised in green to stay weather resistant and looking good for years to come.

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Product Description

When you value your privacy, the worst thing that could happen is having your fence break on you – which is why you need to invest in a sturdy panel.

This particular fence panel made from tanalised waneyedge boards is not only stylish to look at but it is also more durable than your average panel. This type of wood received a special kind of treatment to increase its durability – namely, the pressure treatment. This way, instead of just adding a protective surface, tanalised wood is protected straight into the core.

As a result, this panel will not be attacked by insects, fungus or bacteria. Furthermore, the protective coating that this panel has received protects it from exterior factors – wet or dry. It is designed to retain its strength even in continuously humid environments – or those that get plenty of sun.

The frame is very sturdy – so as long as you install it correctly, it should not fall from its place. Plus, since the panels are originally small in size, you can either use them to surround an entire house – or to build a small fence around something you want to hide from your neighbours.

Featuring a waneyedge design, this model is very popular among buyers. The slated panels, while not different in quality from straight panels, are very easy on the eyes. If you wish to decorate your garden, these panels are a great choice.