Waneyedge Fence Panel (6′ Wide x 3′ High)

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Our 6ft x 3ft (1.83m x 0.91m) waneyedge panels are manufactured using 8 x 38mm x 16mm batons, 2 x 50mm x 19mm top & bottoms, 6′ x 5″ waney slats, a bevelled capping rail and are dipped in our water based treatment.

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Product Description

Our heavy duty waneyedge fence panels are the most common form of fencing in the UK. The popularity proves its excellent quality and long lasting strength. They are made up of an average sized 5" x 5mm thick home grown waney slats, 8 – 38mm x 16mm batons, a 6′ 50mm x 19mm top & bottom and is finished with a bevelled capping rail. They are finally dipped in a water-based treatment to ensure long lasting quality.

Compared to straight-cut panels, waneyedge panels are slightly wavy nearing the bottom, creating a cut-out contrast. It’s just as sturdy as any other type of panel – only with a different design. The only factor here is the personal preference of the buyer.

In the UK, these types of panel fences are among the most popular ones – and it is fairly clear why. Featuring 5-inch slats, these panels are very stylish, yet very discreet at the same time. They are beautiful to look at, regardless if they surround your entire house or just go around the dumpster.

The waney slats are homegrown and were cut at a thickness 5”x 5mm – ensuring that they are not too thick, nor too thin. They can withstand many years of abuse from the weather, and the coated surface makes them resistant to mould and UV rays as well.

The frame is very sturdy and easily secured into the ground. Plus, since the panel in itself is fairly lightweight, you won’t have any problems carrying it as you are building the fence. If you install it correctly, this is a fence that should protect your privacy for years to come.